“Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart”

They. Them with all their confidence. Their narcissism

Everything pissed me off

No interest in that lipstick, that makeup, that unnatural eyebrow

They start talking. I start rolling my eyes

And there you were

Another psycho who managed to cheat

Just the wrong target. You lied to yourself

The way you’re currently sitting

Reveals everything

You know this? i guess no

It is January now, everyone will try to be a new person

Is it so difficult to be honest?

And i’m in so deep, how foolish i am

Daydreaming in the middle of the street

When it all became…

The sting on the head continues

I feel pain without you

So many nights and remembering you only makes me sweat

How can you forget me that easily?

It’s unnatural

Forget someone

Who was close to you

Every time i feel lonely

I will work out in the hangar

Exercise will make me ooze

So there won’t be any water left to cry

It’s unnatural

Forget someone

Who was close to you

Thousand times I face the reality

I fell on my bended knee

Begging you please

Can you come back to me?

It’s unnatural

Forget someone

Who was close…

A cup of coffee

A cup of hot chocolate

A glass of milk

I don’t know which one is better

All of those things

Was really, really annoying

And i can’t even understand

But life, is choices we make i guess

I understand life both sides now

Choices made in anger cannot be undone

So is friendship

made in happy circumstances

I lost a friend, a good friend

When the glass is empty

I gained an angel

When the glass is full

The music never stopped

The tide always comes

The clouds alternately cover the sun

The film keeps showing

People come and go

And that is alright


Burning the ashes like a freak

Like a coward in the middle of the fishes

In the middle of the crowd, i saw a man holding a gun

I saw a lady holding a phone. Talking

When people are talking

When people are talking with expressions

Not words that hurt you

But their eyesight

But their smile

One day we settle all of these shits

People are jerks sometimes or whatever

Time are jerks sometimes or whatever

Everyone loyal until the storm comes and it is fine

I hate hugs like that, that i don’t have

I try to not envy, i really do

But God, my anger. My anger really became my friend

Not in advance but at heart that i don’t give a damn

It looks like i’m going to go back to the road holding a gun


Sometimes feel so happy

Sometimes feel so sad

Sometimes feel so funny

Sometimes feel so bored

But you don’t really know what it is

When one person changes everyone

When one person makes everyone laughing

When one person cares to another

Start asking a question

What are you feeling exaclty

Cause those kind of people

Those kind of big smile

Those kind of real care

Those kind of sweetness

Those kind of loving

Always come from

The people who depressed

The people who tired

The people who sad the most

The people who lonely

Happiness is only real when shared


I’m here at last

Looking for the wave

Feel the wind

And feel the chill

In the middle of the night

The same night

As cold as the past

You brought me

And I’m waiting

You talking to me

Mother and Father

You guys are looking for me there

While I’m here

I’ll be waiting

For you to speak to me

Go on

Bring the wave

Release me


Such happiness that you gave me

Always remind me for those mornings

Remember those sighs and kisses

Always stop time at the moment

Purity will be affection

Broken lip and smile

Melodious sound from favorite speaker

It seems like i chose one memory

And one memory at all



You and me


Guardian Angel always be near me

The apples keep changing color

While the roots wrapped around my feet

And their aroma continues to scent

Guardian Angel keeps holding my hand

I’m addictive with my friend’s fear

They shouted when i smiled

I don’t think there is a footstool anymore

Guardian Angel keep calling me

Because time always screaming at me

I guess i’m moving from room to room now

Every light hypnotizes me

Guardian Angel should you save me or kill me now


Satu setengah tahun

Aku berusaha menyakinkan

Namun apa batu dalam diriku lunak ataukah kapas dalam diriku padat

Masih satu setengah tahun yang sama

Aku tak begitu mengerti

Semua waktu itu sia-sia apa punya secarik makna

Kukira aku takkan pernah tahu

Ya benar

Aku tak akan pernah tahu

Hari ini aku berani meninggalkan

Hari ini aku meninggalkan Aurora yang sinarnya terang di malam hari

Yang menari diatas semua ilusi

Yang wujudnya akan sulit lagi ditemukan

Yang jauh lebih tinggi daripada apapun aku

Yang mana aku pergi, dia akan tetap benderang diantara benderang

Aku meninggalkan Aurora disana

Ayolah, aku akan kembali


Evan Tiano

Linger | sebuah cerita dengan visualisasi fotografi analog

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