They. Them with all their confidence. Their narcissism

Everything pissed me off

No interest in that lipstick, that makeup, that unnatural eyebrow

They start talking. I start rolling my eyes

And there you were

Another psycho who managed to cheat

Just the wrong target. You lied to yourself

The way you’re currently sitting

Reveals everything

You know this? i guess no

It is January now, everyone will try to be a new person

Is it so difficult to be honest?

And i’m in so deep, how foolish i am

Daydreaming in the middle of the street

When it all became clear

Time passed in a blink of an eye

Again i’m stuck in my own game

Should you say that?

And for a moment i thought i wanted to go with you

And i’m in so deep

Lemme see, how many people are listening

Beautiful music that you arranged

Oh did you see that?

I’m the only one sitting

Does anyone care?

But then the morning comes and we turn into pumpkins, right?


Linger | sebuah cerita dengan visualisasi fotografi analog